Con Edison Announces Dual HVAC Upgrade Programs

Major Utility Implements Programs To Pay Cash To Retire Old Chillers                                                    Our Services Will Assist in This Program by Paying Cash For Them After Retirement.

Con Edison (Consolidated Edison) has announced 2 new programs to offer cash rebates and rate discounts to it's largest customers. They are seeking their commercial & industrial customers to upgrade Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment. Most building owners wait more than 20 years until HVAC equipment is upgraded or replaced. The programs are in place to shorten the replacement period. Building owners who do not let there equipment get older than 19 years are eligible for cash rebate and in some cases $0.16 per kilowatt hour rate decrease.

This replacement program is known as "Early Replacement Offer" and "Extended Life Offering". Customers who participate in these programs are eligible for up to a $0.16 per killowatt rate discount. To buttress this a cash program know as the "Prescriptive Rebate Program". This program offers lump sum rebates to help offset the cost of new equipment. These programs are only available to Con Edison & Orange & Rockland Utility commercial (and their utility subsidiaries) customers. It is not available to other major utility customers only to Con-Ed and it's subsidiaries. These are available to those customers that replace equipment such as Boilers, Chiller and Furnaces.

We are familiar with these programs and can assist mechanical contractors and facility owners in complying with these programs and ensuring that they are able to maximize the revenue from these programs. We can also combine these Con-Ed programs with Federal & State and Private programs to maximize revenue. These programs all point in one direction they seek the destruction of equipment that contributes to inefficiency and the waste of precious natural resources and that have refrigerants that emit greenhouse gases.

To implement and buttress these programs we at Utility Plant Equipment seek to purchase this equipment no matter what the age and condition. Since we implement an in-house training program to maximize our suppliers return on these Utility programs and also to offer them the highest prices the market will support. We also are able to buttress these programs by offering Carbon Credits for destruction of ozone depleting outdated refrigerants such as R11a and R12a. Previously these credits were only available in Western States, through our location in Ohio we are approved to pay cash for these refrigerants in all 50 states and bring them to Ohio for destruction.

Currently we are seeking to purchase, centrifugal water chillers, air-cooled chillers, absorption chillers, water sourced heat pumps, chilled water & condenser water pumps. Brand names we seek are Carrier, York (Johnson Controls, Trane, Daiken McQuay, Dunham Bush and just about any other name brand


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