Top Prices Paid For Used Absorption Chillers

We Buy Used & Older Absorption Chillers Nationwide Any Age or Brand

You or your customer's used Absorption Chillers have a high value to us. We can purchase your old Absorber even if it still has Lithium Bromide Based solution still inside. Brands we have purchased in the past include Trane, Carrier, Broad, Mitsubishi, Thermax, Yazaki, Hitachi, Panasonic we actually buy all brands of chillers.

Absorption Chillers unusually have a low grade Cupronickel for chiller tubes (90/10 Grade). Recycling low grade Cupronickel represents usually brass or copper pricing from local scrap yards. However we sell back to the original mill that produces this grade and pay reusable prices. Why take a chance with your absorber if it contained a hazardous grade of Lithium solution and your recycler is not experienced with these you could be liable under environmental laws for any spillage. When you sell your absorber to us you can expect a trouble free experience.

Since Absorption chillers contain corrosive and hazardous compounds such as Lithium Bromide (Libr) and Lithium Molybdate (LiMoO) and even Lithium Arsenate (LiAsO) they begin to corrode internally and lose efficiency and need to be replaced.  We are able to analyze the content of your Lithium solution and drain and safely and legally dispose of the spent (used) Lithium solution even if is profiled as HazMat (Hazardous Waste). Many times maintenance personnel have added Chromium compounds such as Hexavalent Chromium (HexChrome CrIV)) to extend the life of these chillers and to inhibit corrosion. These Chromium additions make the Lithium Bromide profile as Hazmat when tested. We can provide onsite draining or bring the chiller to our site and drain. We also have the ability to remove your old chiller we are licensed and riggers, millwrights and machinery movers. We can even place your new chillers if needed. Absorption chillers that have been drained of Lithium Bromide and are loaded by the seller command the highest prices. We can have our own drivers at your jobsite ready to be loaded on the day of your crane rental.

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