Chiller Dismantling & Demolition

Currently Chillers Have Enough Recycle Value That We Can Demolish Them and Pay You

Your chillers have a high percentage of ferrous and non-ferrous metal content such as Copper, Cupronickel, Aluminum that we can demolish and remove your chiller and still pay you a sizeable amount of money. If your chillers still contain refrigerant such as R-22, R-11 and R-123 we can remove it and pay you for it prior to demolition. If you have an absorption chiller we can remove your Lithium Bromide Solution and safely and legally dispose it. This can be done even if your Lithium Bromide Solution has been inhibited with Hexavalent Chromium (Hex-Chrome). These inhibitors classify the solution as Hazardous Waste. We can profile and abate and dehydrate the solution prior to demolition for safe removal.

 Many older Centrifugal & Absorption Chillers were placed without proper planning for replacement. Usually this means placement in a confined space or several stories high is a concrete "Crow's Nest". Also many are installed on floors that cannot bear the load of removal. We have the in-house capability to cut your old chiller into small parts and remove even by way of elevators and walk-through doorways. Chillers can be cut thermally with oxy-gas and plasma cutting systems or mechanically with reciprocating saw systems. In the case of thermal demolition we utilize specialized high power exhaust fans with flexible duct network to mitigate and remove all fumes & smoke. Our exhaust system is so effective that we have effectively removed massive chillers and systems from operating colleges, banks, hospitals and apartment buildings without any detectable odors.

We have demolished chillers as large as a Steam Driven 5600 Ton Carrier Unit and as small as an Electric 75 Ton Trane. We have removed Carrier, Trane and York Centrifugal Chillers and Broad and Mitsubishi Absorption Chillers. We have been effectively been able to remove large chillers and systems even bringing the components down several flights of stairs and small elevators and through narrow doorways.


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